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2014 Winners


Michele Wilkinson - December 2014

Shelly has been the lead for a Macmillan Physical Activity Project and has made significant achievements including: working in collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support to deliver education to health care professionals and at local GP events, gaining funding to train nineteen Exercise Professionals across South East Hampshire in Cancer Rehabilitation as well as facilitating a cancer awareness programme for front line staff at leisure centres.  Shelly has also produced a patient information leaflet that is used as a template by Macmillan Cancer Support nationally and developed a robust referral system between health care professionals and the cancer rehabilitation schemes. The schemes offer patients an opportunity to take control of their health and well-being after cancer. All this has been achieved through Shelly’s hard work and determination to achieve project goals and improve the lives of people with cancer. 

Partners working with Shelly state “We have enjoyed her refreshing ‘can do’ attitude which has really promoted the importance of getting the scheme up and running on an operational level rather than just focusing on the processes and procedures that can often hold things up! Thank you Michelle.’


Sue Gunn - Staff Nurse in the Eye Department - November 2014

“Sue has been a valued member of staff for many years, she has very recently retired which is a great loss. Sue has delivered exceptional care to her patients and been ‘mum’ to several staff. Sue has been a very dedicated member of the team and will be sadly missed, especially by the newest members of the team whom she has taken under her wing.” 

Nominated by 15 members of her team.

Ian Cavalier - Customer Services Assistant in Patient Experience Services - October 2014

“My husband is in stroke rehab, he’s 54 and we’ve only been married a year. Not long ago he was a relatively healthy man, the next, our world was turned upside down! I wanted to nominate Ian from the reception staff as his face is one of the first and last we see every day and he is a life saver. He is friendly, helpful, courteous and he has real time for people, treating them like individuals. He takes interest, and for people like me, Ian is a cut above the rest. He gives you a cheery hello and takes time to help you. No matter what the day or the time he is always ready with a cheerful greeting and he is one person who makes me smile before I head home from visiting my sick husband to my very empty house. Ian is important to us relatives and visitors alike and I would love to see his name up on the awards board because it is so very deserved.”

Nominated by Lin Rackett a relative/visitor 


Laura Davis - Midwife in Maternity - September 2014

"I would like to nominate Laura for employee of the month on behalf of my brother Jack, and his partner Becca. They were in labour with their first child recently, and only a young couple themselves, they had been through a particularly long and traumatic labour but unfortunately worse to was still to come for their birth.

Jack and Becca can not praise Laura enough for her kind words of encouragement and continued support keeping calm and supportive throughout. The baby became stuck and required emergency assistance from a large group of medical staff (a very scary time for all) Laura's composure and continued support to them as a couple will never be forgotten. When the baby was finally born she wasn’t breathing and needed emergency assistance, during this time Laura stayed by Jack and Becca’s side, comforting them and talking them through what was happening. They feel as though Laura went above and beyond her call of duty to ensure they were all ok with no thought or effort.

All is now fine, the baby is well and they are enjoying being a new family of three but huge thanks go to not only the Laura but the entire team involved, thank you so much.”

Nominated by Joanne Buchanan from the Diabetic Day Unit, on behalf of her brother and his partner. 


Dawn Wearn - HCSW, D8 - July 2014

 “I write with reference to Dawn Wearn. This person is so caring that I felt I had to write to you and make you aware that you have a very special person working for you. She is a wonderful asset to the hospital. My fiancé was admitted to your hospital recently. I spent all day waiting with him for the surgery on his neck and then right into the evening for him to return to the ward.  I had a bit of a time of it being a disabled person who uses a crutch as in order to obtain the reduced parking I had to return to my car collecting my disabled badge then go to the main reception before walking back to my car to leave. Dawn Wearn took control of my situation when I went to D8 looking for my fiancé as I had not heard from the ward whether he had arrived there or not. I couldn’t stand by the time Dawn found me in the corridor of D8 leaning against a wall. I was near tears with swollen knees and pain in my hands and feet. She sat me down and made me coffee and asked if I had eaten, I told her I had not as I couldn’t bear to be on my feet a moment longer. Dawn gave me water so I could take my painkillers and I relayed to her the issue that I faced about having all that walking ahead of me to sort out my parking. She obtained for me some sandwiches and even some biscuits for my journey home. I could not have been treated more kindly or with more humanity if I had been royalty. She sought permission for me to stay where I was and when she had a moment in her busy shift she even came back and checked if I was okay.

When my fiancé came to the ward at around 7.15pm Dawn gave me a slip of paper that would mean I would not have to first go to my car to pick up my blue badge before undertaking the journey to the main reception so I would still be able to pay the reduced parking amount. Dawn then organised a porter to take me to the main reception and then on to the door to the north wing of the hospital. I would never have made my ferry connection without her forward thinking and positivity. Dawn showed herself to be an intelligent, caring person who was also professional in the way she handled my situation by consulting and involving others in her suggestions for helping me. She went the ‘extra mile’ and I felt it only right in these days where we are urged to make complaints as well as suggestions that I should write and let you know what an exemplary member of staff you have. Well done for employing such a person and for having a lovely clean, well run hospital.”

Nominated by Mary Watson (a patient's fiance)


Kelly Fallon - HCSW, Eye Unit, Head and Neck - June 2014

 “When Kelly joined the department she was proactive in learning about the Sight Loss Advisor role and this proved invaluable with a particular patient recently.  The young gentleman in his 30’s, an inpatient at the time, presented with visual acuities and notable poor mobility.  This lead to Kelly asking the crucial question of how was he managing at home.  The patient confided that he was having a number of issues related to his sight loss which were having a detrimental impact on his other medical conditions and wasn’t coping at all well.  He couldn’t see to go out on his own and when he last tried had almost been hit by a car so had become socially isolated and unable to go shopping. He couldn’t see to safely get a meal or drink, he wasn’t managing his personal care or financial matters that required reading or writing and he was struggling to make phone calls or see what time it was.  Life was taking a drastic decline for him and he wanted help but didn’t know where to go.  With the patient’s consent Kelly discussed the situation with Samantha Buchanan and asked her to see the patient before he went home, which she did.  Kelly’s quick thinking, professionalism and compassion has sparked an incredibly important chain of events for this gentleman.  He is now working with a rehabilitation officer for the visually impaired and has a reablement care package in place for his return home, all of which will support him to regain and maintain his independence, his physical and mental health and his safety. 

Kelly cannot be praised highly enough, no words can convey what a vital part Kelly has played in this gentleman’s life.  If it weren’t for her holistic approach to patient care the outcome could have been quite different.  The department is very proud to have such great staff.”


Imelda Clarke - Staff Nurse, E8, Medicine - May 2014

"I wanted to commend a team on E8 and give thanks to how professional, caring and going beyond their call of duty to support myself and Josh Pagden in a critical time of need on the evening of the 8th May. In particular staff nurse Mel Clarke who was nurse in charge of E8 and co-ordinated a  number of moves to outlying wards and helped pull the patients from MAU in person herself, I know the ward was running short on support workers, but they showed great team spirit for the whole medical picture. I am afraid I cannot name the whole team, but without their support we would have faced an even bigger challenge. We created 6 female beds on E8 in just under an hour to support the flow through MAU. The other wards in medicine equally showed great team spirit. Please could you pass on my thanks”. 

Paula Taylor - Business Manager, Surgery and Cancer - April 2014

"On behalf of the Surgery & Cancer CSC senior team, I would like to recognise Paula’s exceptional effort, dedication and perseverance under pressure.  The Trust has been struggling with achieving Cancer performance targets and Paula has tirelessly worked to ensure our patients needs remain front and centre of all discussions.  She has led the MDT Co-ordinators to improve governance, tracking and visibility of cancer patients and to ensure that processes are fit for purpose. 

The Trust has now achieved all cancer targets across quarter 4 and the entire year.  Not only that, but the number of long waiting patients has more than halved between October 2013 and the end of March 2014.  This is in no small part down to Paula’s personal contribution and despite this being an extremely pressurised time, Paula has continued to remain positive, enthusiastic and contributes enormously to a large change agenda.  Within the CSC, Paula never hesitates to take on additional work or responsibilities and can be relied upon to deliver on time.

We would like to thank Paula and recognise publicly that she has made herself a vital and highly thought of member of the CSC senior team over the past twelve months."

Nominated by Natasha Martin, Surgery and Cancer. 

Carole Day

“Carole really makes a difference to our patient’s days. She makes a point of learning their names, giving them encouragement and treats them with so much respect. So many of our patients remark how good she makes them feel. Our alcohol dependent patients can often feel judged but Carol shows them nothing but kindness. She is an excellent role model for all of her colleagues. She is also very helpful, professional and kind when dealing with our team. A very worthy candidate for employee of the month."

Nominated by Senior Staff Nurse Donna Bowman from MAU.



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