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2015/16 Winners

November 2016 EOTM 002

Jennifer Wilkins - December 2016

Jennifer Wilkins was nominated by Dr David Sinclair, and supported by her manager Nathan Hunt. They stated that Jennifer is a dedicated and conscientious laboratory manager, who is a caring and considerate member of staff who leads her team expertly. Jennifer has a tremendous work ethic which continually exceeds her managers expectations and of those around her. Jennifer truly demonstrates continuous commitment to our values of respect and dignity, quality of care, working together and efficiency. She demonstrates this daily with small but important examples of kindness such as supplying the milk for the fridge in the tearoom, sweets for the office and coordinating celebration events and collections for people leaving. She is often the person that everyone in the lab speaks to when they need a shoulder cry on. In her personal life, she is equally caring and considerate, having recently undergone an altruistic kidney donation to a complete stranger. Whilst recovering, she continued to ensure the service was running smoothly by calling in from home regularly. Her team consider her to be irreplaceable and an example to us all on truly embodying our values.

November 2016 EOTM 002

John Jenkins and Mark Keyte - November 2016

John Jenkins and Mark Keyte are Plaster Technicians within the Fracture Clinic. They were nominated by Dr Stephen Glennie who commends them for going the extra mile in assisting him in the Emergency Department with a young man with a foot fracture. John and Mark went out of their way to apply a lightweight plaster cast to the patient in the Emergency Department cubicle, which meant he didn’t have to transfer to another department and could get home sooner. Dr Glennie said “It was the best thing for the young lad and prevented extra visits to the hospital, and potential for him to hurt himself further. It was very late in the working day and your team made no complaint or fuss but were able to facilitate above and beyond their duties”.

Janice Bull - October 2016

Janice Bull - October 2016

Janice Bull an Orthopaedic Secretary within the Orthopaedics Office was nominated by Ms A, a patient who wrote to the Chief Executive to bring Janice to his attention. Ms A wrote that Janice deserves recognition for the help and empathy that she gives to the patients. Janice listens to the patients’ needs and tries her upmost to help and accommodate them whilst always being polite and friendly, as Ms A states “nothing is ever to much for her”. Janice demonstrates the Trusts values of respect and dignity, quality of care, and efficiency and Ms A would like to thank her on behalf of herself and other patients that she has helped.

The Workplace and Occupational Health Flu Vaccinators

The Workplace and Occupational Health Flu Vaccinators - September 2016

This year Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust have committed to reducing the incidence of flu in our hospital by protecting staff, patients and relatives by recruiting workplace vaccinators. This dedicated team of qualified staff are, in addition to their day to day roles supporting the Occupational Health Nursing team to vaccinate as many colleagues as possible. As well as having the potential to save lives, this inspiring team are working towards achieving a national target to vaccinate at least 75% of our front line workers. This award is to thank them for going above and beyond to make our hospital a safe place for all.

Fiona Chawke EOTM August 16 4665 002

Fiona Chawke - August 2016

Fiona Chawke was nominated by Ms H, a patient who was suffering from severe sickness and weight loss. Ms H did not want to eat anything and was given many soups, drinks and supplements all of which made her sick. Due to Fiona’s persistence and investigative skills an additional diagnosis was made which resulted in a bespoke nutritional drip being administered and an operation for Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis. Ms H can now eat without being sick. Ms H says “ Fiona is still there for me, she always feeds back blood results and if I have any queries she always goes out of her way to help me improve. To sum up, my opinion of dieticians has totally changed, they are helpful, constructive and dedicated to what they do.”

Tracey Thomas - July 2016

Tracey Thomas - July 2016

Tracy was nominated by Lesley Coles. A Blood Gas analyser was needed for the Paediatric Children’s Assessment Unit. This equipment is essential for clinical staff to monitor sick children’s blood gases. There is a Blood Gas analyser on NICU but this means staff running up and down the stairs to B Level several times a day to get these blood results. Tracey suggested fundraising to buy this machine and she was supported to do so by the CSC Management Team.

Tracey contacted Victoria Greenshields to get advice, shared her vision with staff in the Paediatric Unit and gathered staff who were enthusiastic and willing and set up a fundraising face book page. Tracey demonstrated excellent project management skills and within a few months she had achieved the goal of raising 30K for the machine, maintenance and consumables. This is a remarkable achievement that goes above and beyond her normal working day. Tracey has put a lot of personal time into this project and her drive and commitment has paid off. The CSC Management Team and the Paediatric Department are very proud of her achievements and say a ‘huge thank you’.

June 2016 Karl Mountain

Karl Mountain - June 2016

Karl Mountain was nominated for Employee of the Month by John Knighton who stated that on a daily basis Karl goes above and beyond in his role. This has not only been recognised within the department, but also by other CSCs. Karl has made substantial contributions to the quality of care provided to patients, by volunteering to go to collect essential kit from other hospitals in his own time, including Friday late afternoons, without any hesitation to ensure that surgery would go ahead. John also said that Karl is an advocate of working together by liaising with a number of individuals in a calm, respectful manner. Karl always strives for the best outcomes for both the Trust and patients, and truly embodies the core values of PHT.

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Kathrine Hoolihan - May 2016

Aron Ahluwalia from NHS Professionals nominated Kathrine because of her amazing attitude and fantastic understanding of her role. Aron wrote that Kathrine is always willing to go the extra mile despite the challenges and is able to perform at high levels at all times. Aron also wrote about Kathrine’s fierce determination to save the Trust money within her department particularly focusing on temporary staffing measures. Kathrine is an excellent employee, a credit to the department and continuously demonstrates the Trust’s value of efficiency .

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Joel Fraser - April 2016

Following a traumatic life threatening operation and 5 weeks in hospital resulting with a temporary Ileostomy Mrs S felt compelled to write to us to bring our attention to Joel Fraser who as Mrs S states ‘is an outstanding, personable caring individual who helped me through the most difficult years of my life’. Mrs S explained that as a more mature lady she felt that she could not have a young male nurse attend such a personal condition, however over the numerous visits to the Stoma Care Service Joel has been reassuring, compassionate and patient and always just a phone call away. Mrs S said “ if not for Joel I don’t think I could have reached the position I am at present. He is a credit to your hospital and goes a long way beyond what is expected of his duties. He is a truly individual and inspirational young man.”

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Adam Bingham  - March 2016  

Ms H wrote in to thank Adam Bingham on behalf of her son for had it not been for the diagnostic reasoning and pragmatic attitude of Mr Bingham it was highly likely that her son would have been a paraplegic.  After examining Ms H son’s back and discovering underlying issues to that what he had been referred for, Adam ensured that Ms H son was referred for an MRI scan.  Adam gave specific guidance on how to adjust his daily routine whilst waiting for the scan.  The MRI revealed a tumour on his spine which was successfully removed and his spine reconstructed. 

Ms H said  “The surgeons were absolutely sure that had Mr Bingham not given such fantastic guidance, things would have been very different, the time frame was absolutely crucial.  Furthermore, the preventative measures taken in the month between appointments were probably a significant factor in preventing  his spinal chord completely compressing. It was a very, very close call.   Mr Bingham deserves the highest praise. His skill enabled a timely diagnosis, and there is no doubt he prevented the tumour from going undetected for longer. My son and I would like to thank him for, and I quote "Giving me my normal teenage life back". We would like to thank Mr Bingham for his incredible skill, and for ensuring our son can reflect on last year as a slight blip, rather than the year that resulted in the life altering trauma of being a paraplegic. We sincerely hope you will be able to formally recognise Mr Bingham for his tremendous work.

  Lauren Bell EOTM

Lauren Bell  - February 2016

Mr D Penny a patient nominated Lauren Bell, he said that ‘Lauren always has a smile on her face, nothing is too much trouble for her.  She is extremely helpful and friendly and that no matter what is going on she always has time for the other patients, to have a chat and make a cup of tea. She is one in a million.’  Mr Penny attached 31 signatures from patients and staff in the Renal department in support to his nomination.  Lauren’s actions are a great example that our Values are not an ‘add on’. They are, for most patients, as important a feature in the quality of care as their clinical treatments. 

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Sophie Phillip   - January 2016

Mr H  is a rheumatology patient suffering from rheumatoid arthritis resulting in his having  metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint replacements in his right hand.  Following surgery Mr H wrote to commend  Miss Sophie Phillips, Orthopaedic Consultant and said that  “ My surgeon Miss Sophie Philips was wonderful and such a highly skilled surgeon.  Her work has made such a difference to my lifestyle.  Sophie is an absolute credit to Queen Alexandra Hospital and the NHS.”

Lisa Toft - December 2015

Lisa manages the induction and transition for all of the European Union (EU)nurses that PHT recruit. 173 nurses have been recruited this year and all received induction training and an on-going preceptorship programme to support their development. This equates to a total 5622.5 hours of Essential Skills training! She acts as an exemplary role model and upholds the Trust values in every interaction, she is setting clear examples for our new recruits.

Lisa works in association with colleagues and is on a part time secondment to the Learning and Development Team and has brought together a group of Trust staff to support her in the delivery of the education and training. Lisa constantly goes above and beyond in her role and is very highly thought of by all of our new EU recruits. She oversees a Facebook page for them, helping to sign post to activities in Portsmouth and supporting them in their social needs as well as at work. She also provides the education for our NHSP EU nurses on induction and has received some wonderful feedback from their managers commending the induction.

Sharon Mitchell - November 2015

Nicola Carne, Sharon’s Manager wrote that Sharon has received some lovely thank you notes from her patients and their relatives all stating very similar things and some of the comments she has received are: “There is one member of staff who deserves special mention. Sharon Mitchell, an Occupational Therapist in F3 has been fantastic. Dedicated and compassionate, Sharon works tirelessly to meet patients needs. I have no doubt that Sharon is a first class occupational Therapist but, more importantly, she is a great human being. For me the later is what sets her apart”.

“ I just wanted to say thank you for the support and advice you have given to my husband and myself since his stroke, particularly after he was discharged and I had no one to turn to. I will always be grateful for your kindness.”

“I work here at the hospital but I’m emailing you on a personal level. My mother-in-law had a stroke back in October and has been under the care of F3 for the last three months. I wanted to take this opportunity to highly praise Sharon Mitchell the OT that has worked with her during this time. My Mother-in-law has been left with dementia and severe hallucinations and a times has been very challenging to work with. But Sharon has been honest and supportive to not only our mum but also took the time to keep us as a family informed on her progress.”

Nicola also stated that Sharon takes all this in her stride and sees it as just being part of her job. She is a fabulous Occupational Therapist and a great credit to our department and organisation.

Elaine Ball - October 2015

Lisa Cross, Elaine’s manager along with 13 other members of the Cardiac Investigation Unit nominated Elaine for Employee of the month, here are just a few of their comments:

‘Elaine goes above and beyond her role as a secretary/PA to the principal, she is everyone’s PA.’

‘This Department would be a loss without Elaine - she helps so many and knows everything, every department should have an Elaine.’

‘Elaine has a positive attitude and is always smiling, nothing is too much trouble, a real bonus to have her in the workplace.’

‘Whenever you enter the office Elaine is always willing to help with any problem or query you may have.’

‘She is kind and hard working, always making things easier for us, warm and approachable and does not realise how appreciated she is.’

‘Elaine treats very one with respect and is accommodating and supportive, her support is fundamental to our department’.

Nichola Martin - September 2015

Nichola has worked tirelessly to ensure that the quality of care for medical patients is of the highest standard.  Nichola has taken the lead for the Medicine CSC and has gone above and beyond to motivate and support her team. Nichola’s dedication to the organisation, her staff and patients is exemplary and her performance should be recognised.  Linda Field, who nominated Nichola said, “As a new Head of Nursing to the organisation I consider her a role model. She has gone out of her way to support me and I anticipate as we work together further that this will only improve and enhance the medical model and the care for our patients.”

Angie Sell - August 2015

Angie Sell was nominated by Helen Wilson, a patient who stated that “Angie takes time and trouble to ascertain exactly what is wrong, she listens very patiently and even reads between the lines to get to the cause of any worries. Angie does not make her patients feel rushed or that you are taking too much time but makes you feel like an individual who matters. I feel more positive with Angie in my corner and know that what can be done will be done, please pass on my grateful thanks”.

Claire Creasy- July 2015

On joining the Emergency Department as a newly qualified nurse, Claire has proved to be an absolute pleasure to work with.  Claire is an excellent nurse wit a great attitude and is always friendly with a smile on her face.  Claire has a brilliant bedside manner with nothing being  too much trouble.  She is a conscientious and capable nurse who is willing to assist her colleagues without even being asked.  Claire is an absolute asset to any team.


Karen Fletcher - June 2015

J Wilkes, a Paramedic from Petersfield Station has commended Karen for the compassionate and conscientious way she looked after a patient at the end of their life.  Even going as far as to ensure the patient’s pet cat, which was alone in the house was looked after.  J Wilkes believes that this was above and beyond Karen’s necessary job and showed what a caring and conscientious person she is and would like her actions to be acknowledged as it put their minds at rest regarding the cat.

Karen’s Manager wrote:

Karen always goes the extra mile to ensure the very best care to her patients and is an asset to the team and Portsmouth Hospitals.

Hannah Wareham – May 2015

Hannah is an excellent team player.  She is well liked by all members of the clerical teams with which she has worked on her apprentice rotations throughout the rheumatology department.  Hannah works diligently and has delivered an excellent quality of work. In secretarial/administrative roles she is intelligent and efficient. In patient facing roles, she is thoughtful, easily understood and well-liked by patients that attend or contact our department.  Hannah’s greatest impact has been in working with the Fracture Liaison service to transform the database that we use into a more user-friendly and much much more effective tool for patient care. In achieving this, she has saved lots of nursing & clerical time and facilitated patient care, enabling us to track and find patients more easily and enabled us to discard antiquated paper methods. In her role as a clerical apprentice she consistently works above her remit.  We have been privileged to have her working with us and she deserves significant recognition and success, not least because she would be the last to request or seek it.

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Lucy Mansfield – April 2015

Lucy Mansfield is a Consultant with the Breast Services team and has been nominated for an Employee of the Month Award by a patient who states that: “Miss Mansfield is a remarkable young lady for sure and a great asset to the Queen Alexandra Hospital. I personally feel that she has gone above and beyond her position to help me and I was so impressed by her kindness, understanding and jolly disposition.

I have come across many consultants since my diagnosis but no one like her. I cannot stress how important it is to feel that you can speak to her as a normal individual. It was her lovely approachable disposition that gave me the strength to go ahead with my horrendous operation and reconstruction. I must stress that without Miss Mansfield’s help, I was beside myself with worry and I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Victoria Phelps - March 2015

Victoria Phelps is the Junior Sister at the Isle of Wight Satellite Dialysis Unit, part of the Wessex Renal and Transplant Service. She has only recently taken the step-up to a Band 6 position and in the absence of the unit manager has deputised at what has been a time of significant and sustained challenge.

The Isle of Wight Satellite Dialysis Unit is within the grounds of St Mary’s Hospital and consideration needs to be given not only to our own Trust’s policies and procedures, but also to those of our host Trust. Victoria in this respect exemplifies the quality of “Working Together”; her calm, respectful and considered communication skills ensure that all parties are left satisfied with her always pragmatic and workable solutions.

The capacity of the unit has been stretched as never before and now stands at 100% and is the first time that all 60 dialysis slots have been filled.  Victoria provides ingenious problem solving skills to ensure that the service remains flexible to the changing needs of the diverse patient group as well as being an efficient and effective manager and an inspiring leader.  Victoria has been thrust into a challenging situation where she is geographically separated from the closer support of the Trust, and has faced the challenges head-on. In doing so she has won the support and respect of staff, patients and their families alike. All this while never forgetting the attributes that have made her the caring, compassionate and patient-focussed nurse she is.  For these reasons, the whole team on the Isle of Wight Satellite Dialysis Unit endorses this submission for Victoria Phelps to be considered as Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust’s Employee of the Month.


Gloria Carr - February 2015

Gloria has shown great enthusiasm in ensuring that her fellow colleagues are aware of end of life care and what happens after our patients have left the ward.  To achieve this Gloria has taken it upon herself to talk with the chaplaincy team, end of life team and the bereavement office to put together study sessions for staff across the CSC,  and then promoted the training sessions.  Gloria took action after she attended a study day put together by the chaplaincy team, Gloria was so inspired she felt that all staff should have access to this training.  Gloria has gone above and beyond to make this happen ensuring that staff are knowledgeable in this field, meaning that our patients' receive the best possible care at a very meaningful time.


Margarida Rodrigues’s - January 2015

Daphne Burgess, a patient nominated Margarida for her caring and outstanding work in the Oncology Day Unit which she had to attend recently. Margarida attended to Daphne whilst she was waiting and gave up part of her lunch break to stay with her. Daphne states that Margarida cared for her with a smile and total commitment which she showed to all around her, and definitely deserves an award for going the extra mile.


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