2017 Winners

Dec 2017 Winner Bereavement Services

Dawn Traer and the Bereavement Services Team - December 2017

Dawn and the team were nominated by Judy Woodley and Janet Somerset from the ECR Data Quality Team who said “During a recent visit to the department we witnessed the remarkable sensitivity that they displayed in an incredibly poignant situation. A tiny baby had just died and the staff were dealing with the bereaved parents. We were moved, almost to tears, by what was done to help this particular family and we are sure the compassionate way they were helped will go a long way to make their tragic experience bearable. The work this team carry out must, by its very nature, be continually sad and, at times, harrowing but the staff members that we saw on the day of our visit were quietly going about their duties with a calm composure, kindness and professionalism which is surely what bereaved families need at such times. We would like to express our utmost respect for this department and hope that, by nominating them for this award, this recognition will help them to feel supported and appreciated in the very difficult job they carry out on a daily basis”.

Nov 2017 Winner Fungus Addams

Fungus Addams, Physiotherapy Technician - November 2017

Fungus was nominated by Dr Jenni Dixon, a patient who said… "I suffered a severe head injury in August 2013, when the mare I had qualified for Badminton event horse trials slipped and fell on the grass gallops and as she was getting up, she kicked me below my crash skull. I was air-lifted to Southampton. In September 2013, I was moved to QAH, as it is closer to my home. I was a demanding patient, as a doctor and also a keen sports woman, I wanted as good a recovery as possible. When first admitted to QAH, I couldn’t even walk. Fungus was incredibly kind and professionally excellent, helping me all the way. I recall him out of all the numerous therapists that I had, as he was by far the best and extremely good. I recall him helping me to learn to walk and then learning how to manage stairs, as my severe brain injury had also affected my balance and visual fields, so I was really struggling. Most of all, I remember that he would come to give me extra help in his lunch hour. I have progressed in the last 4 years, thanks in part to the excellent start that I had from Fungus Addams. My husband and I are keen walkers, we had always planned to walk to Everest Base Camp and it was because we have recently completed that, that I wanted to nominate Fungus now in particular. It was a hard climb at altitude and needed great balance for the steep rocky paths with Yaks passing me. When we reached Everest Base Camp, I thought of Fungus Addams, as he helped me get my life back so much."

Oct 2017 winners E7 and Joao

Joao and the E7 Team - October 2017

Joao and the E7 team were nominated by Mrs Gallaugher, a patient who said ‘Whilst at the Respiratory clinic for a routine appointment I felt slightly unwell, their response was magnificent and moved at an incredible pace. From an X-ray to blood tests all in the space of 30mns. They made the decision to admit me and I was in C level within the hour. I was transferred to E7 ward slightly later and remained for a further 48 hours. I was discharged feeling 100% better. During this stay I was able to recognise, quite early on, that this team (E7) worked together efficiently and tirelessly in such a challenging ward.'

'They are a remarkable team, highly efficient, extremely professional and always with a smile. They have so many skills, empathy, patience and encouragement – and just the right amount of humour! The team leader, who was referred to a 'Jay' was amazing and definitely deserves an award for being an outstanding leader. He doesn't need to see each of his team working - he knows they are giving their all to each and every one of the patients that pass through the doors of E7. I was an ordinary patient with ordinary means but E7 team took care of me as if I was the most important person on earth just as they did with all their patients.

Kerry Gilbert, Sister Paediatric Emergency Department - September 2017

Kerry was nominated by Sarah Shore, Associate Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children at the NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group. Sarah said “I just wanted to send you an email to say how impressed I have been with Kerry’s dedication in supporting the safeguarding of children visiting ED. The training she provides to the team is well thought out and relevant to the needs of the team. Kerry has implemented changes that ensure staff feel well supported in reporting/raising safeguarding concerns and are also confident to challenge professional  decisions. Kerry is now aware that there is a need to document supervision and record this on patient’s records and she is also now ensuring any contact with social care is also documented.   I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Kerry for her outstanding contribution to safeguarding children within the ED.

Matthew Spencer, Patient Services Assistant - August 2017

Matthew was nominated by Jackie and Stephanie Maggs, Clinical Coders who said ‘Matthew always goes out of his way to do his job to the best of his ability and always exceeds hygiene standards. He works his absolute socks off to keep E level (new build) extremely clean and tidy.

Matthew always has a lovely smile on his face and is always cheery and ready to help anyone that may need it. I often see him explaining to lost patients the best way to reach the destination they are looking for. He really does go above and beyond on a daily basis! Matthew really deserves to be awarded with Employee of the Month as he is a complete asset to the Trust! We are very lucky to have him!’

Susie Calvert, Physiotherapy Team Leader - July 2017

Susie was nominated by Mr Nick Carter, Consultant Upper Gastrointestinal and Bariatric Surgeon who particularly wanted to nominate Susie in looking after one particular patient who was on the Intensive Treatment Unit for some 4 months. During this time Susie provided outstanding quality of care and formed a very close relationship with both the patient and his wife which was vital in keeping him motivated.

Susie acted as her patients advocate and had some difficult conversations with the wider multi-disciplinary team to give the patient more time and allow her to work with him more. Even at the very end she facilitated his return home one last time before he passed away. Mr Carter said that Susie went much further than the extra mile and deserves so much in recognition of the work she puts in all the time and in particular to this one patient.

Security Team - June 2017

Ashleigh Clarke, Staff Nurse in Emergency Medicine nominated the Security Team for an Employee of the Month Award. Ashleigh said “The guys support us so well in the paediatric Emergency Department and are always there when we need them. They never argue when we ask them just to ‘hover’ when we have a difficult patient. They always greet us with a smile when they do their walk rounds and stop for a chat when they can.

They are really helpful when we have issues. They were a huge help to us last week when the department had a difficult few days with an influx of complicated aggressive patients. They really do keep us safe and for that I wish to thank them. They do an amazing job!” The Security Team were nominated under the ‘Working Together’ Value.

Jordan Jones, Leisure Assistant - May 2017

Jordan has received outstanding feedback from members of Portsmouth Hospitals staff. Jordan is a Leisure Assistant at the Oasis Wellbeing centre and has been instrumental in significantly improving the health and wellbeing of staff who are on the Sedentary Workers Scheme.

“In a relatively short time I have lost nearly 2½ stone and dropped 3 dress sizes and I really do not think I could have achieved anywhere near what I have if it wasn’t for the help and expertise of Jordan and for the Sedentary Worker Scheme” “I signed up to the Sedentary workers scheme in March 2017. Jordan completely put me at ease, bearing in mind I had sat in my car for thirty minutes pondering whether to drive back home again… Since starting the scheme Jordan has enabled me to gain pride and confidence in myself and I feel so much better mentally and physically since starting. He has tailored my programme for me as an individual and I am beginning to enjoy exercising now. I could hardly walk up the stairs at work and took the lifts all the time, now I am climbing five sets of stairs at a time without needing to stop and breathe!!!”

“This has been a total life changing time for me and I want to thank Jordan from the bottom of my heart for being a huge part of my success and especially how he has never once judged me on my ability.”

Jordan has shown himself to be an outstanding employee and an asset to Oasis and to the Trust.

Sue Kenworthy, BMS 2 - April 2017

Saving staff time and pointing vasectomy patients to the correct place for enquiries Andrology screens a large number of post vasectomy semen samples and regularly have telephone calls from patients who have not had their results. The laboratory is not permitted to give results directly to patients and issue instructions that ask the patient to phone the requesting doctor. Patients must be frustrated at not receiving their results in a timely fashion.

Sue addressed this problem as part of the Perfect Week; new vasectomy patients are being seen on site with an appointment rather than sending their samples through their GPs or dropping them off ad hoc. So when they see the patients, they now hand them a small printed slip of paper with the details of where the report is going and who to phone if they have not heard back after 2 weeks. This is small enough to fit in a wallet rather than a large A4 sheet. This has been received well by patients.

March 2017 EOTM 002

Janice Ogilvie, IT Practice Improvement Specialist - March 2017

Janice is such a lovely person, and always has a nice word to say to everyone. She walks part of the way into work and quite often greeted an elderly gentleman in passing. One morning, the gentleman was quite upset and told Janice that the evening before, he had been burgled and money was stolen. Janice immediately set in motion some fundraising within IT, the Albert House Military staff and the main shop in QAH who also knew the gentleman. Janice collected almost £300 which was given to the ma n by the shop staff. Janice has shown true compassion by going above and beyond what was expected and has demonstrated our PHT values at their best.

February 2017 EOTM 002

Archival Team Health Records - February 2017
Danielle Fry, Lucy Illidge, Natalie Ridgeon and Donna Hughes

The archival team came up with a brilliant idea to save the trust potentially £1000s. The Health Records Library were lacking in space to house the ‘Rest In Peace’ (RIP) notes, and were looking into leasing another facility. The Archival Team came up with the idea to utilise the space on the top of the shelves, reducing the costs from thousands to £38!! Between themselves they have cleaned, built and maintained the shelving, moving the existing RIP notes to make room for future storage. Rachel Bridgman who nominated the Team said “this is not a one off solution, this will continue for many years in the future for just £38.”


January 2017 EOTM 002

Information Services Team - January 2017

The information Services Team went above and beyond their call of duty when they responded to a national directive to produce weekend situation reports to help alleviate the pressures on the Emergency Services a few days before Christmas. This team responded quickly and put together a rota of trained volunteers who came into the hospital and produced reports each day over the festive period in addition to their normal working week, necessitating short notice changes to their weekends. Special thanks to Graham Taylor and Beth Williams who provided the majority of the cover over this period. Nominator, Michelle Dixon feels that the team have gone the extra mile for the organisation and deserve recognition of our appreciation.


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