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Sally Gray - Paediatric Practice Educator, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

‘Turning an idea into a reality’

Staff spend many hours looking for the drug keys, walking round the clinical area hunting and searching, repeatedly interrupting their colleagues, creating unnecessary noise and motion, often to resorting to calling out "have you got the keys?". This can be a problem at night for patient experience, as nurses attempt to find the keys, and even more so if a nurse has left the department with the keys causing further delays to patients receiving medication or treatment.

Sally Gray has developed the idea of creating a Key Finder so that staff can locate the keys promptly rather than taking valuable minutes or even wasted hours hunting especially if a member of staff has left the department with the keys. The Key Finder will alarm if the keys are removed from the clinical area alerting the nurse with the keys to return to the department.


Trials have shown the Key Finder takes seconds to locate the keys, which then allows nurses to reinvest their time preparing medicines, improving patient safety by reducing the risk of drug errors thus improving patient experience and satisfaction.

The medical device company Multi-tone has now created the Key Finder which is affordable and fits the required specifications, and have now finalised a contract with Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust agreeing the intellectual property agreement with NHS Innovations.

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Last updated - 16 March 2015
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