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Our Strategic aim

Our Vision and our Values are long-term and set out the direction of the hospital and the values within which its staff team works.


Our Strategic Aims are our key priorities on which we will deliver and are tailored to the next five years. They clearly define our focus and give clarity to staff, partners, and communities about what matters most.

While the Strategic Aims are short statements, they directly relate to more comprehensive objectives which then flow through to detailed activities and planning. Our Strategic Aims are not just words but part of a larger strategic framework which will effect real change in our services.

The Strategic Aims will become a part of how we all do our jobs in the Trust. They will shape everything from how we decide which projects to undertake, where we focus our time and effort, to how we report and judge our progress whether at a personal, team or Trust-wide level. The Strategic Aims will become a part of our governance and performance processes, as well as our regular personal, team, department and Trust planning exercises. As we all have a role to play, we will all be directing our focus on making sure than we are delivering against our goals and the Strategic Aims will be an important tool to keep us on track.

Our Strategic Aims are to...

  • Fulfil our role for the communities we serve
  • Support safe, high-quality patient-focused care
  • Take responsibility for the delivery and care now and in the future
  • Invest in the capability of our people to deliver on our vision
  • Build the foundations on which our team can best deliver care

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Last updated - 31 July 2018
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