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Additional Professional, Scientific and Technical

Jacqueline Bartholomew - Dental Nurse

Jacqueline is the Deputy Lead Nurse within the Maxillofacial Department and has worked within the department coming up for twenty one years in July, however her role as Deputy started eight years ago.

The role takes charge in the running of the Orthodontic Department on a day to day basis and will run the Maxillofacial Department in our Nurse Managers absence.

Jacqueline's job role involves ordering of all stock for the Orthodontic Department and organising the staff rotas for 19 nurses in the department, making sure the clinics run smoothly with at times very overbooked clinics. A typical day in the Maxillofacial Department involves setting up clinics, moving people around to cover sickness, checking clinical notes and surgery to make sure everything is prepared for the clinics ahead. Orthodontics is a poly clinic with six chairs, three consultants, SpR doctor and an Orthodontic Therapist. We also have two to three students observing clinics from Cardiff and Portsmouth University for long periods of time that need to be mentored.

The challenges faced daily can be managing a busy department with 19 staff, mentoring students and creating their timetables, busy clinics with quite difficult patients some medically compromised proving quite a challenge! However, the Maxillofacial Department has a good team which provides an excellent service - the work is very rewarding seeing a good end result!

To become a registered Dental Nurse it takes 2 years to qualify, one year full time and one year one evening a week. You can then progress to go on to do a postgraduate certificate either in Oral Health Education ,Radiography or Orthodontic Nursing. Jacqueline studied further in Oral Hygiene and Orthodontic Nursing.

Donna Netting - Senior Medicines Management Pharmacy Technician

Donna started working for the hospital in April 2008, her role includes a variety of tasks;

- Carrying out an accurate medication history on all patients admitted to Acute Medical Unit.
- Dispensing and checking discharge medication to enable quick and efficient discharges.
- Controlled drug audits, liaising with nursing stuff on how to improve their documentation and procedures regarding controlled drugs.
- Training both pharmacists and technicians in medicine management.
- Ordering stock for patients while they are in hospital.
- Counselling patients on new medications on discharge.
- Providing a smoking cessation for inpatients and making sure it is carried on in community.

Donna really enjoys her role within pharmacy as she likes the contact with patients and the multidisciplinary teams on the wards, they work together to ensure patient safety. Donna plays a big role in training pharmacists and technicians in medicine reconciliation which she enjoys the most as she likes to see how the training has a positive impact on the service provided to enable a safer experience for the patient. Donna dislikes that there is sometimes a the lack of understanding of the wider role of a pharmacy technician in the dispensary and the wards.

A typical day for Donna and her colleagues involve; gaining an accurate medication history from all new patients while completing this they will order any medications the patient needs while in hospital also reconciling any errors there may be on the drug chart, dispense any patients discharge drugs and council patients on new medications. Donna will also work alongside other medical professionals to ensure that discharge drugs are completed in an efficient manor to stream line patient care.

The challenges which Donna can face are the obstacles put in front of her to enable a fast and efficient service i.e. staff not written discharge summaries or the patient is waiting for the community Emergency Department team to asses weather they are safe to go home due to how busy the hospital can be.

Donna holds an NVQ level 3 in pharmaceutical management and ACT qualification. There are many opportunities for career progression in pharmacy at the Queen Alexandra Hospital, for example Donna has gained her medicine reconciliation qualification, educational supervisor qualification and became an observed structured clinical observation assessor.

What Donna likes most about working at Queen Alexandra Hospital is everyone works together to ensure the patient has a positive experience while in hospital and enjoys being on the front line to help make this happen.

Mukaram Atta Hammed - Rotational Pharmacist

Mukaram started working as registered pharmacist in September 2015, as part of multidisciplinary team. Mukaram has allocated wards which he visits daily. While on the ward, Mukaram liaises with the nurse in-charge of the ward to plan for the day. Mukaram will then see all the newly admitted patients in the ward, clinically screen their drug charts and resolve any medicines related issues. He also orders medicines for the patients and arrange TTO (to take out) medications making sure that the patients have enough of all medications. Mukaram also talks to patients about their changes in their medication.

When asking Mukaram what he likes most about the role he answered; interacting with different healthcare professionals as well as meeting new patients. The thing he most enjoys is the learning aspect of his job, as a newly qualified pharmacist, he learns new things every day. When asking Mukaram what he dislikes most about the role he answered; Its hard to say what I dislike most because I love my job and enjoy doing it. Only thing that comes to my mind is, I hate when we have to say goodbye to the patients.

A typical working day for Mukaram is to first print out the handover list for the allocated ward, he then goes though the handover sheet and find out about the new patients and also note down the things he needs to sort out that day. Mukaram will go to his ward and prioritise the work load. He will see new patients and the patients who are poorly and need more pharmacist’s interventions. He also orders the drugs for the patients, arrange medicines for the discharges etc. Mukaram is also involved in on-call service providing 24 hours pharmacy service to the Trust. Mukaram makes sure that he sees all the allocated patients on a daily basis and if he has any concerns or questions, he raises that to an appropriate level.

As a newly qualified pharmacist Mukaram faces many challenges on daily basis. These include making sure patients have been prescribed safe, effective and economic treatment. Other challenges include working under pressure during busy periods making sure patients flow from community in to the hospital and back into the community runs smoothly.

To become a Pharmacist it takes 4 years of full time university degree, after completing 4 years at university, one year training working as pre-registration pharmacist. At the end of the training, we have to sit and pass an exam. Then we can register and work as a pharmacist.

At Queen Alexandra Hospital, as a newly qualified pharmacist there are opportunities to develop your career. Newly qualified pharmacists will start working as a junior rotational pharmacist; each rotation involves working in different clinical specialities. During first few years, they are given opportunities to start certificate in clinical pharmacy which leads to completion of diploma in clinical pharmacy. During the course of getting this qualification, they can apply to a band 7 pharmacist i.e more specialist role which can lead to further progression in the career.

What Mukaram likes most about working at Queen Alexandra Hospital, is our great pharmacy department, he enjoys working with them no matter what they do in our department they all are great people to work with.

Nico Hallam - IT Engineer

Nico started working for Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust in April 2016.Nico has several responsibilities which include Service Desk Support, IT Procurement, Hardware and Software Installations. Depending on business needs he will be assigned to focus on one of these areas.

Nico enjoys his role as an IT Engineer as it is very varied and constantly learning new skills and getting opportunities to look at new technologies. Nico explains that the role can however be sometimes very demanding and this can lead a larger workload to manage.

Nico works on a rota so a typical working day can vary depending on assignments allocated to him. This can include supporting the IT Service Desk with their workloads, mentoring and training them as required. In addition to supporting the Service Desk, he also deals with the IT Procurements for the Trust dealing with new requests for Software and Hardware from the point of customer request through to successful installation.

As part of Nico's procurement responsibility he has to understand each customers requirements and identify the most cost effective and efficient solution to resolve their needs which can be quite challenging. In addition to this when working on the Service Desk each call they take can be different which requires us to be adaptable to business requirements as new problems occur.

There are opportunities for Nico to work and be mentored by Senior Engineers and Specialists which leads to learning new skills and technologies this can allow Nico to progress into other roles.

When asking Nico what he enjoys most about working for the Trust he answered; the varied work which which also allows me to meet my customers face to face.

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