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Surgery and Cancer

Portsmouth Combined Haematology & Oncology Centre is based at the newly developed Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham. It serves the local population of 650,000, plus part of West Sussex and the Isle of Wight, which enlarges the Cancer Centre catchment area to around1,000,000 people. The higher than average age within this population increases the incidence of malignant disease.


The surgical specialities offered at Queen Alexandra Hospital are Urology, Breast and Plastics, Lower and Upper Gastrointestinal, Vascular Surgery, Bariatric and General Surgery.    Both day case and inpatients procedures are offered including keyhole surgery for hernias, gallstones and heartburn/reflux disease. The Urology Service incorporates both the diagnosis and management of urological conditions through inpatient and its own outpatient facility. The vascular service treats patients with significant arterial, aortic or venous disease. There is also a Vascular Assessment Unit (VAU) to diagnose various disorders related to blood flow such as Deep Vein Thrombosis. E1 has a purposely designed Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU) for all general surgical referrals via GP, Emergency Department or Outpatients. It facilities enable rapid assessment, diagnosis, stabilization and / or treatment of the patient’s condition, prior to operation, investigation, transfer or discharge. The Surgical Assessment Unit offers the services of a multi-disciplinary team including Nurse Practitioners to achieve the best care for our patients.

There are a range of roles which contribute to delivering our patients care including;

- Consultant Surgeons
- Registrars
- Vascular Scientists
- Clinical Nurse Specialist
- Nurse Practitioners
- Cancer Nurse Specialist
- Surgical Care Practitioners
- Staff Nurses
- Clinical Fellows
- Health Care Support Workers


Portsmouth has been a designated Cancer Centre since 1996, with well-established multidisciplinary teams and good working relationships with the Cancer Unit at St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester, and more recently providing sub-specialist services in Urology and Head & Neck malignancy to the Isle of Wight.

In 2009 the Cancer Centre relocated to purpose built facilities at the newly developed Queen Alexandra Hospital site, which brought together all acute services on a single site and enabled the development of a joint haematological and oncology centre and fully integrated oncology at the acute interface.

The Oncology department sees approximately 3,500 new referrals per year for medical oncology and delivers around 22,000 episodes of chemotherapy per year. Clinical oncology (radiotherapy) sees around 2,500 new referrals per year and delivers around 34,000 attendances per year.

The centre offers combined Haematology and Oncology facilities, which include a combined day unit, 3 wards, outpatients department and a radiotherapy department.

Clinical Haematology

The haematology service investigates and delivers treatment to patients with a diverse range of conditions. We see patients with abnormal blood results as new patients and use our skills as pathologists to make a diagnosis. They may have non-malignant or malignant conditions. We then see them through their journey either to cure or to manage their condition.

We treat patients with haemophilia and advice on management of coagulation disorders. We provide diagnostic interpretation to the whole hospital and to primary care colleagues. We treat acute and chronic leukaemia, some lymphomas and myeloma. We have recently introduced a dedicated myeloma clinic on a Thursday. 

Therapeutic Radiography 

The radiotherapy team at Portsmouth are motivated, enthusiastic and forward thinking in their approach to improving the quality of treatment for patients through innovation and research. We are amongst the top recruiters in the country for some of our clinical trials and we use modern techniques such as DiBH for breast cancer treatment and 4DCT with IMRT for lung cancer treatment. IMRT, VMAT and CBCT are in regular use, treating approx. 50% of radical patients with this technique. We are currently working towards the introduction of adaptive radiotherapy, using plan of the day.

All four of our Varian iX Clinacs have OBI CBCT & IMRT/VMAT. We also have brachytherapy and orthovoltage treatment units and pre-treatment facilities which include a wide bore CT, simulator and Prosoma virtual simulation software. ARIA patient management system links all aspects of the patient pathway together.

We treat adult patients for most tumour sites.

All staff are encouraged in their professional development. We have a number of specialist roles at Advanced Practice and Superintendent level, which allows a number of areas to be radiographer led, including on-treatment review clinics and pre-treatment. 

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