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How Can I Make a Difference?

The role of patients and the public in clinical research is hugely important.

Simply put, without patients and members of the public giving up their time to participate, clinical research would not exist.

Recruiting more patients and volunteers for research projects gives us a better chance of finding solid, reliable data from our clinical trials, which can then be used to improve treatment in hospitals and communities all across the UK, and often internationally.

Some clinical trials may give patients access to treatments that are years away from mainstream use, but it is important to realise that clinical research does not always directly benefit the person involved, and instead are benefiting 'the greater good'.

If you participate in research, you will be treated with respect and as an equal human being by our researchers. Patients with long-term experience and knowledge of specific conditions can be crucial in allowing researchers to understand more about the condition that they are looking into.

How being involved in research could benefit you: 

  • Potential access to new innovative treatments
  • Discuss and learn more about your condition with researchers and fellow patients
  • Become an ambassador for research within your community
  • Greater sense of worth
  • Feel like you are contributing to the greater good of humanity.

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Last updated - 01 November 2018
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