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Older People, Rehabilitation & Stroke


Around 10 million people in the UK are aged 65 years old or over; people are living longer thanks to improvements to general health, diet awareness and preventative health care. Investing in and supporting research into this area increases the knowledge and skills required to provide compassionate, safe, timely and effective care to patients in a crucial stage of their lives.


The MOPRS department run a variety of research studies here in Portsmouth that many patients are often keen to be involved in. These studies cover condition areas such as:

  • Acute Stroke

  • Rehabilitation

  • Parkinsons Disease

  • Motor Neurone Disease

  • Medication studies

  • Compassionate care

With many more studies currently in set up - be sure to check this page again in the future for updates.

The research team:


Dr Kirthivasan - Lead Research Consultant for MOPRS

Dr Jarrett - Consultant

Dr Tandy- Consultant

Dr Siddegowda - Consultant

Tracey Dobson - Senior Research Nurse / Principal Investigator

Anne Suttling – Senior Research Nurse

Robyn Gentle - Specialist Research Nurse for Neuro Degenerative Diseases

Stacey Valentine – Specialist Research Nurse for Stroke

Kerry Dodsworth – Clinical Trials Assistant for Age and Ageing

For more information on any of the research happening in MOPRS, please feel free to contact the research team

By phone:

02392 286 000 extension 4520

Or by email:




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Last updated - 30 October 2018
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