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Welcome from Ophthalmology specialist research team based at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

The PHT eye department has a dedicated team of research staff working collaboratively to run research studies involving patients with a variety of ophthalmic pathologies. The team consists of ophthalmic consultants, junior doctors, research nurse, optometrist, ophthalmic photographer and clinical trial assistant who work to successfully conduct clinical trials and other research activities.

As research staff, we maintain a strong rapport with our patients who have a direct route of contact with us at any time. There are about 125 patients who are currently participating in the research studies and their contribution to ophthalmology research is greatly appreciated by the eye department. We aim to deliver safe, effective and a high quality of care for our participants.

The department works in close collaboration with a number of universities, biotechnology companies, and other pharmaceutical companies to develop new ophthalmic treatments. We also conduct joint research projects with other departments within this hospital.

Our research objectives are to prevent eye diseases, develop new ophthalmic treatments, improve quality of life, and improve our understanding of the causes and developments of different eye conditions.

Research is the only way that we can continually improve treatment for our patients, and understand how to utilise NHS resources efficiently. 

Our Studies 

We have research studies involving patients with different eye pathologies including glaucoma, age related macular degeneration, diabetic retinal diseases, retinal vein occlusions and conjunctivitis, among others. 

Currently there are 4 studies running in the department and we are on the process of setting up 5 more new studies which are interesting to patients and clinicians. These include studies to explore the best treatment options for glaucoma, treatment for vitreo- macular traction, diagnosis of viral conjunctivitis and continuous monitoring of glaucoma progression over a period of time. 

Our Successes

Currently Portsmouth Ophthalmology research team are proud and confident to say that we are the top recruiter in UK for two of the studies we do for glaucoma.

Our success lies in the hands of patients who willingly participate in the studies offered to them. We make sure our participants understand the trial and what is expected of them prior to consenting to the studies. We hope the patients of Portsmouth will continue to participate in research throughout the hospital and help us raise the standard of care for future generations. 


Our Team

Research-active consultants

Mr J Kirwan

Mr Y F Yang

Mr A Booth

Mr R Jayaswal

Mr S Mourtzoukos 

Ophthalmic research fellow

Dr S Begum

Specialist Research Nurse

Mini David

Clinical Trials Assistant

Kim Green

Our team also consists of a photographer and an optometrist.


Contact us 

If you would like to know about a study or anything related to our research activities please contact our research nurse Mini David on: 

02392 286000 extension 5926 

Alternatively if you are in the eye department we encourage you to ask a member of staff about clinical research. It's ok to ask!

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Last updated - 30 October 2018
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