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Renal Research Projects

We are busy recruiting into some of our newer trials...



This project involves established haemo-dialysis and peritoneal-dialysis patients looking at a newer oral treatment for anaemia.


This project involves new haemo-dialysis patients, looking at the effects of low-dose vs high-dose iron infusions.

Harp III:

This project involves pre-dialysis patients with stage 3 / 4 renal disease, with an eGFR (estimated glomerular filtration rate) of 20-60 ml per minute. Many of these patients are on anti-hypertensives known as ACE or ARBS. These can be beneficial to our patients, although potentially harmful in certain disease patterns. This study aims to identify the benefits of these drugs.

Stop Ace:

This trial is looking at patients with stage 4 / 5 renal disease, with an eGFR of below 20 ml per minute. Patients are randomised to stay on ACE or ARB or to discontinue these drugs. This study aims to identify any benefits of these drugs when given to patients with progressive renal disease.


This trial is looking at patients who are receiving in centre haemodialysis, thrice weekly. We are looking at the measurement of alkaline phosphatase as a possible better marker for identifying renal bone disease.

If you want to find out more information on any of our renal research projects please contact us on:

02392 286000 extension 1050


come and speak to us directly in the Renal research laboratory, main corridor, G-level, QAH.



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Last updated - 30 October 2018
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