Are you an employee or business looking for fun ways to get involved and support your local community?

Here are some tried and tested ideas to help you reach your fundraising goal:

- Great Office Bake Off- Get colleagues to bake their best makes for charity! The bakers could enter for a small fee, with the chance to win a prize. At the end of the judging, staff too can buy a slice for a donation.

- Quiz Night (or lunch break)- Find a time and a place to put teams of colleagues to the test. This is great for companies with lots of departmental rivalry! Charge an amount to enter a team, and the winning team wins a prize!

- Guess the Baby- Get colleagues to dig out their baby photos. Display them up on an empty notice board and charge a small fee for entry and ask your colleagues to guess which baby is who on a sheet of answer paper. The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

- Car Wash- If your colleagues don't mind rolling their sleeves up and mucking in, this fundraiser can raise a lot of money as there's always a car that needs cleaning! Ask for a donation for your favourite Ward or Department in return for your squeaky clean efforts.

- Swear Box- Keep track of bad words said both in the office and on outings with colleagues and get them to put a small amount in a collection box.

- Film Night

- A Challenge- Gather those 'Go Big or Go home' colleagues and get them to join you in completing a challenge, whether it be a cylcathon, mud run, group hike such as the 'Three peaks,' you'll do even better with a little extra help!

- Group Mud Run

- Tuck Shop

- Dress-down Days

- Matched Giving- Some employers offer to match whatever you raise from your own fundraising event. So if you raise £200 from a bake sale or garden party, your employer also gives £200- so you raise £400 in total!

- Guess the Weight- This could be anything from a jar of sweets to a pile of scrap metal. Whoever's guess is the closest wins the prize!

- Office Sweepstake- Choose a big sporting event that everyone in the office enjoys watching and discussing, Wimbledon or Horse Racing. Arrange a sweepstake where colleagues draw names from a hat before the event starts. Whoever has the winning name at the end of the sporting event takes half of the entry money. 

- Charity Birthdays- Get colleagues to put money to a Ward or Department close to your heart, as opposed to that novelty mug they were planning to get you for the big day.

- Bring and Buy Sale

- Volunteering- Contact us for more information about helping out at an event, or offering a couple of hours on Thursdays with our big flower drop.

- Raffle

- Packed Lunch Day- Get colleagues who usually outsource their lunches to local cafés and takeaways to donate the pounds they usually spend and enjoy a lunch from home instead.

- Payroll Giving- Set up a Payroll Giving scheme with your company and choose Portsmouth Hospitals Charity. Give as much or as little as you like, or just donate the difference in your wage. For example, if you earn £880.49, you keep the £880, and we get the £0.49! It really adds up! Talk to your employer for more information.

- Fancy Dress Day

- Treasure Hunt

- Skip the Snacks- If your office has a real sweet tooth, you could try ditching the snacks for a week and donate all the money that you would have spent instead. This is particularly successful in January and Summer time when people are typically trying to shift a few pounds- hopefully towards your most dear Ward or Department at QA Hospital!

- Afternoon Tea

- Picnic or BBQ



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Last updated - 10 July 2019

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