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 The Butterfly Suite Appeal- A&E

Raising funds for a dedicated bereavement suite in the Emergency Department (ED) at QA Hospital.

Turning the tired, clinical-looking rooms you see below into a comforting, home-from-home environment to support families when the worst happens.







Click here to find out more



Activity Trolleys on the Medicines for Older People's Wards






The Medicines for Older Peoples Wards (MOPRS) are raising funds for activity trolleys- light, portable storage trolleys which can be wheeled to wherever they're needed.

MOPRS patients are often in hospital  for longer stints of time,  and the trolleys mean patients can choose from a number of fun and stimulating activities like puzzles, or a board game  which can be played with visitors to pass the time and keep the mind active, even if they feel too weak to walk away from their bed.

The Trolleys cost £700 each, including activities and games. If you can support the purchase of a trolley or a new game for patients on MOPRS, please visit the MOPRS fundraising page by clicking MOPRS activity trolley fundraising page.



Equipment and items for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 




 To read more about what the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit need, please click here.



The Children's Bubbles Fund


Raising money for equipment for the Paediatrics Department



 To read more about what the Paediatrics Department need, please click here.




Sensory equipment for the Acute Stroke Wards




  To read more about what the Acute Stroke Wards need, please click here.

Sensory equipment is vital for people who have experienced a Stroke. It helps them understand and adapt to their different abilities, rehabilitate and get back in touch with their senses.  They are also often a fun challenge to master while in hospital, improving wellbeing, boosting self-esteem and improving outcomes for stroke survivors.

 Mile of 5p Appeal- Cancer Services

lots of 5 p coins

The Cancer Services Department at QA is appealing for all those pesky 5 pence pieces which clog up any purse or piggy bank!

The Department is hoping for enough 5p's to cover a mile if they were all laid side-by-side, totalling 90,000 5p's, or £4500. This is to help fund Health and Well-being Events for cancer sufferers at QA,  to help them feel happier whilst under going treatment, and work towards a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer returning.

Collections of 5ps can be handed into the Radiotherapy / Oncology Outpatient’s Reception, the Haematology & Oncology Day Unit Reception or to any of the areas that are displaying the 5p mile poster.

Thank you for your support!



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Last updated - 26 November 2018
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