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There are many ways you can make a donation to Portsmouth Hospitals Charity. You can make donations online, set up a monthly donation, leave a legacy, donate by phone, SMS or via text, using Just giving or by post.

Any funds raised over and above the amount needed for a fundraising project or appeal will be  applied  at the Trustees discretion, taking in to consideration the purpose of the original donation.

To donate a physical item, please visit this page. 

To donate a gift left in a will, please visit our dedicated page.


Donate Online -

Donating online is safe, secure and super fast!

Please remember to mention the ward or department you would like to your donation to benefit, or let us know at fundraising@porthosp.nhs.uk


Donate with PAYPAL:    


Donate or Fundraise with Virgin Money Giving: 

Virgin Money Giving is a fundraising website for charities. They reclaim Gift Aid on all donations made by UK tax payers on behalf of the charity, thus reducing administration costs for the charity.

If you are taking part in an exciting charity challenge and want to collect sponsorship money online or if you simply want to donate, the Virgin Money Giving website is a great way to do so.


Donate or Fundraise with Just Giving:


JustGiving is also a fundraising website for charities and they also reclaim Gift Aid on all donations made by UK tax payers on behalf of the charity.

Portsmouth Hospitals Charitable Funds currently have two sites – one for the Rocky Appeal and one for all our specialty charities.

Click on the links below to see our Just Giving pages.


Remember to mention the ward or department you would like to your donation to benefit.




Donate By Cheque -


If you would like to make a donation by cheque, please make it payable to Portsmouth Hospitals Charity and send it to:

Paula Lang, The Fundraising Office, Room 2.01 De La Court House, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, Portsmouth, PO6 3LY

Remember to mention the ward/ department you would like your donation to benefit.

Alternatively, you could put a donation in an envelope with your contact details, and put in one of our three donation stations within the hospital.

Located: Atrium A Level, Cashiers C Level, Oncology B Level


Donate By Phone -


The Fundraising Office can receive donations by MasterCard, Visa, Visa Delta and Switch over the phone. You will then receive a “Receipt for a Charitable Donation”.

To donate by phone, please call Paula Lang on 02392 286000 Ext: 5164

For information about setting up a direct debit, please contact Paula Lang on Ext:5164



Give As You Earn -


This scheme allows you to donate directly from your pay. Tax is calculated after your donations have been deducted from your pay. This method of giving needs to be arranged with your employer.




The Gift Aid scheme increases the value of your donation at no extra cost to you. For every £1 you give, the government will add 25p. Gift Aid claims must be made no later than four years after the end of the tax year of which the claim relates. You must be paying income tax or capital gains tax at least equal to the amount being reclaimed by the charity (currently 25p for every £1 given).

Click here to download your Gift Aid form.


How Your Money Can Help


£10 can buy

Essential oils, which can be used in aromatherapy massages for people affected by cancer.

£50 can buy

A Counsellor, to provide 12 counselling hours for people affected by cancer a month.

£125 can buy

1 Breast Pump. To allow mums to express milk to feed to their poorly babies while in the Neonatal unit.

£645 can buy

1 Assay Kit. This kit is part of the Ovarian Cancer Research Project and used to help make research more affordable and less complicated.

£850 can buy

1 Bottle Warmer. These are needed as Infection Control guidance states that milk cannot be warmed up at room temperature.

£1,630 can buy

1 Dialysis Chair. Dialysis chairs for Renal patients which improve patient comfort.

£2,200 can buy

1 Bronchial Thermoplasty Catheter System. This delivers therapeutic temperature controlled RF energy to the airways. It is a new approved treatment for severe asthma.

£10,000 can buy

1 SVOP Visual Field Analyser. This equipment enables the eye department to perform a visual field test on young/non-compliant children.















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