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Excited about trying a new fundraising activity, but confused about which licences you need? Read on to find out the requirements for raffles, music, alcohol and collecting money.

If you are in doubt of anything, our Fundraising Manager Victoria is happy to offer advice. Please email victoria.greenshields@porthosp.nhs.uk or call 02392 286000 Ext: 5190.


Raffles & Tombolas

For simple raffles taking place on the same day, all you need to do is charge a standard price for each ticket and to draw the winner before the event is over.

If you plan to run your raffle over a longer period of time or sell tickets at more than one venue, you will need to purchase a local lottery licence from your council. You will also need to order the amount of raffle tickets you need with the event printed on them. Our registered charity number (1047986) will also need to on them.

If bottles of alcohol are included in the prizes, then only over 18's are allowed to sell or buy tickets.

The purchase and selling of raffle tickets is restricted to over 16's only.

If you want to know more about organising a raffle or lottery, consult your local council or visit the Institute of Fundraising website.


Collecting Money

You will need a 'Street Collection Licence' from your local authority to collect donations on the street or in a public place. It is illegal to collect funds this way without a licence.

You do not need a licence to collect donations within private properties or within a business, but you will need written permission from the owner or manager. Please keep this with you whilst you are collecting.

Anyone collecting money in public must be over the age of 16.





If you are planning to sell alcoholic drinks at your event, you will need a 'Temporary Event Notice' from your local authority if the venue is not already licensed.



When taking photographs at events, you will need written permission from parents before taking photos of children. They will need to be made aware that the images may be used for publicity purposes.

Here in the fundraising office, we have photography consent forms we can send you prior to your event.



If you are including children at your event, please make sure they are properly supervised and make sure their parents have given permission for their child to take part.

Background checks must also be made on any adults that will have unsupervised access to children.


Health & Safety

Conduct a risk assessment to ensure appropriate plans are in place for the safety of participants. Information can be found at www.hse.gov.uk

If selling food at your event, contact the Environmental Health Department at your local council for advice.

If holding a mass participation event or challenge, you may need first aid support such as St Johns Ambulance or Red Cross. 



 Portsmouth Hospitals Charity cannot accept any responsibility for your event, nor anyone who participates in it.

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Last updated - 10 July 2019
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