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What do we need?


Any stamps recently collected from your post by cutting or tearing off envelopes

Everyday 1st and 2nd class and both British and foreign are ok

No more than 1cm of envelope left around each stamp

Not trimmed too close so that the perforations are damaged


Recycle your stamps here or send to:


Portsmouth Hospitals Charity
Fundraising Office                                                      
De La Court House                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Queen Alexandra Hospital
Southwick Hill
Road Cosham
PO6 3LY   

Request our FREE POST envelopes by completing the online form at: http://www.fundraisingstamps.com/form-cwjc or call 07599 830966                                                                                    

Thank you for your support!


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Last updated - 27 February 2017
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